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(this is not a dating site, only for making friends site)

Easy Friends is all about making friends, but friends. This is not a dating or love site. Yes, if you choose "looking for friends eventually for long term relationship", then its ok.  Making friends is different from finding friends. If you want to find friends, means you want to find your old lost friends. However, making friends or to make friends means you want new friends!.

friendship means celebrating birthdays together.

On easyfriends, you make new friends! You can view interests and can connect if you have common interests.

You can be hobby friends, like just for playing tennis or going to movies or something like that. 

If you looking for love or romance, this site is not for you. However, if you want friends , yes, then this site is for making friends.

This is not a dating site or a casual fun site. 


Friendship requires time to nurture. yes, short term friends can also be friends, but they wont trust you always so blindly.

Hence, always believe,  "Only long term friends can be real friends." 

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